Ing. Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Jalal Fathi | 

Jalal is an entrepreneur and techie with broad engineering skills.

He worked on projects like sightcorp (crowd analysis), facebrite (networking tool for EU and financial stakeholders), asking ninja (polling tool for investment funds and stock companies) and many more.  Jay (as you can call him) worked in organisational development of large Enterprises and consulted on outsourcing activities. The past years he mostly lived and worked in Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia where he also sees great possibilities for Elfy. 

Something cool ...

After writing a software for his sister which decreased the time she needed for her doctoral dissertation by 80% he increased his interest by this in making healthcare more efficient. He also helped his younger sister to build the landing computer of the world’s first solar airplane (Solar Impulse) which can fly day and night.  By the age 6 he started building electronic stuff which were totally useless and destroyed a lot of electronic devices of his parents. By time, the things he builds were getting more useful. 

Why do you do this, Jalal?

  1. I’m using AirBnb, Uber, Go-jek and more on demand services on a daily basis and they just work.
  2. I heard stories from friends about how hard it is to find and manage care for their grandparents and to get peace of mind.
  3. My mother most of the time doesn’t live in the same country as I do.  She started to get some serious health conditions.

That’s why I decided to dedicate myself to create Elfy. 

What's your vision for Elfy?

What you can read in the documents is only the beginning. Connected health devices, AI and robotics will all be part of the future of Elfy and I’m super excited to work on it. Elfy combines everything I stand for and everything what I am ambitious about. I'm happy to co-create our future. 


(Broke the record of missing time in each one of them but still got ok grades) 

Technical Process and Project Management (Emphasis on IT.)

University of Applied Sciences, FH Campus Wien, Vienna, Austria

Relevant subjects included: Project Management, Process Management, Innovation Management, Technical Physics, Electrical Engineering, Signal Processing, Databases, Software Engineering, Security and Cryptography, Patent Law 

Electronics and Information Technologies

Secondary Technical College, Vienna, Austria

Relevant subjects included: Information Management and Quality Assurance, Industrial Electronics, Network Technologies, Semiconductor Technologies 


Federal technical school of aeronautics, Langenlebarn, Austria

Relevant subjects included: Power Plants, Aircraft Instruments, English for Aviation, Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Building of Aircrafts, Computer-Aided Engineering and Design