Education and Training

Relinde has a background in theatre and dance. She teaches yoga and movement and knows exactly what is needed in order to deliver high quality care. Relinde developed and gave communication and customer service trainings in big companies in the Netherlands, such as the Dutch Banking Association.

Relinde Moors |

Relinde develops a unique program for the care-givers that work through Elfy. They will be guided in how to deliver the best possible care. Her background as a teacher, performer and trainer, makes that her method is innovative and unique. A method designed for Elfy, and applicable to all kinds of service deliveries.

The aim is to deliver the best care, which means, adding true value to peoples lives. Caring for elders is not always the easiest job; but the truth is, it is a truly important one. Realizing that care givers are not just doing a job, but that they are truly enhancing peoples life quality, is a first step.

Her approach puts the care-giver in a central place: their well-being and happiness is the first step for them to be able to give the best they have. Care givers will be empowered by realizing their authentic ways of working with care-needing people. Skills like empathy, communication and authenticity will give the care-givers self confidence and will make their job fun.

Relinde has 15+ years experience in teaching and is skilled in translating live teaching events to an online environment. Therefore all Elfy Care Givers all over the world can receive the teachings through our online platform.